About us...


Founders of the Association:

Hans-Ulrich Marki, Zurich Initiator of Konzept

Claudia Spadacini, Buchs SG


We are looking to find partner organisations:

Tourism Associations and Hotel Associations

Government and Non-Government Organisations

Organisations for Nature- and Historic Sites Protection

 We work together with government and private organizations:

Foundations  Universities BUWAL  www.nationalparks.org

The Association aims to generate funds through sponsors and donations.

In communities where nearby a qualified National Park could be established, we aim to setup a local chapter, which systematically informs the local people of all developments.

Project-, Exhibit- and Media Team

The Project Team develops the whole National Parks concept. It shall become the guideline by which new National Parks are established. The study and periodic publications shall become available over the Internet

The inventories of national significant landscapes and historic objects are carefully evaluated. Only regional parks that qualify according to the international criteria could become a new National Park.

The exhibit team develops a transportable exhibit, which can be presented in most major cities and local communities that want to develop a National Park

A pilot video with a funny National park guide will be filmed. The aim is to bring periodically ideas and information to the public.

A public relations campaign with a national known person shall be brought to the media.

The Swiss Association to promote Nature and Historic Parks

Feuerweg 11 CH-8046 Zurich, Switzerland

Phone: +41 44 371 1900