We take Protected Areas, Natural Monuments and Historic Structures from the Inventaries of national important Objects to create a National Park System for Switzerland according to international recognized Criterias.
Managed for wilderness protection
Wilderness Area, IUCN Ib
(US Cat. N RES) (Unesco Cat.N-ii,iv)
Protected Areas like our existing "Nationalpark" in Engadin:
- Hiking and some camping possible. High alpine regions, glaciers. Wild animals in
wild forests, wetlands, lake and rivers etc.

Ecosystem protection and recreation
National Park, IUCN II
(US Cat. NP) (Unesco Cat. N-i, ii, iii, iv)
Areas of national significance with recreational opportunities
-International well known areas with exceptional scenic landscape.
Has good access for visitors with accomodations.

Conservation of specific natural feature
Natural Monument,IUCN III
(US Cat. NM) (Unesco Cat.N-i,iii)
Areas with one or more natural/ cultural feature which is of oustanding value like our unique Matterhorn.
- Natures wonders like special rock formations, canyons, caves, waterfalls, cultural monuments etc.

Landscape conservation and recreation
N.Recreation Area, IUCN V
(US Cat. NRA) Area of land where the interaction of people and nature over time has been established.
- Attractive lakeshores and rivers, alpine meadows, ski areas. Mountainbiking and trekking possible.

Protected historic Structures and Towns
National Historic Sites
(US Cat. NHP) (Unesco Cat. C-i, ii, iv)
Significant buildings with historical value like castels, cloisters and cathedrals. Entire historic sections of towns and cities including defensive walls, roman theatres.
Historic battlefields and cultural monuments.

Exhibit mixed cultural and natural value
National History Corridor
(US Cat. NHC) (Unesco Cat. C-ii, iii, iv, v, vi)
Significant areas of historic development where natural environment was used to develop a lasting cultural corridor. -
Areas with high concentration of a historic industy like our watch industry. Historic roman transit routes etc.