New Quality Life within New Cultural Landscapes
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Switzerland in a new Dress

A new image is created for Switzerland through the combination of all present protected areas, hiking trails and historic structures. It is based on Switzerland's national inventories of important landscapes and historic sites. This new image does not require changing the present use of the natural and cultural resources.

Our aim is the creation of new "National Parks" in Switzerland

For the valuable national treasures of natural and cultural beauty we add appropriate names that describe their significance. Our "Nationalpark" in Switzerland (IUCN Kat Ib) is a Reserve and shall be known as that. All over the world "National Parks" are well known and often visited, a brand name that can be used for international tourism marketing. We can offer new Destinations with an attractive package. This gives Switzerland an edge in the worldwide contest for tourists.


Symbol of quality for tourists all over the world.
Common Label for all Parks.
Upgrading lesser known national treasures, generating new visitors.
Nature and Historic Parks are not only nature preserves, but also
recreational parks.
The label "National Park" is respected so much, that visitors are
taking more care without having to add new restrictions.
The local people are proud to have a new tourist attraction.

Rigi, Luzern and Schwyz

Strategy for Switzerland: Bringing Partners together

The Swiss Association to promote Nature and Historic Parks aims to:

Bring together the local people with the national government and the conservationists.
Combine protected and partly protected landscapes, historic sites and trails into a national concept. This allows Switzerland to position all major attractions as one unit.

We do not need new restictions - The cultural landscapes are already protected, and shall stay that way. We promote:

Harmony between tourists, local people and the natural, cultural landscape.
Constructive dialog between opposite aims of tourism promoters, local people and conservationists.
Protection of nature and heritage through better control of its usage.
Government and conservationist Organisations to take an active role in overseeing our protected Cultural Landscapes and Monuments.

Our Way to Realization:

The national Government, Kantons and local Communities together with the conservationist Organisations determine which exceptional Landscapes, historic Sites or Recreational Areas have the potential to become a "National Park". A government agency shall be created according to an international model to manage the parks. The consessions and events shall be organised through varies Organisations.

The Swiss Association to promote Nature and Historic Parks works together with the Institutes of the federal and local governments. She works with the local and regional organisations to create in each potential region a local chapter to promote "a new National Park". Each Park has to qualify according to the international standarts set by "IUCN", "UNESCO World Heritage" and the "US National Park Service". We will control which products and Services are allowed to use the Swiss labels.

The Swiss Association to promote Nature and Historic Parks
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